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(Minecraft) Server Rules

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1(Minecraft) Server Rules Empty (Minecraft) Server Rules on Sat Oct 08, 2011 2:20 pm


Nord FX Founder
w0w is a place with death and possible depixelization lurking around every corner. And sometimes from the trees, too. :: shudder :: Treepers… But despite the grim and dangerous realities of survival in this stygian world, we have some rules.

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These rules are intended to be enforced by the staff of the server, Moderators and Admins. Do not attempt to resolve such issues through PVP or counter-attacks by griefing or stealing someone else’s stuff. This will likely end only in you being banned.

Pretend to be mature. Attempt to be responsible.

1. No Griefing.

Griefing, as used here, is the act of placing blocks, removing blocks, adding water or lava, or starting fires, intentionally or unintentionally causing grief among the other users of the server. This means that breaking even just one glass block in a window and walking in on foreign property is, in fact griefing. Yes, you may be banned for this. “Lol, it was just one block!” is not an excuse. Just don’t.

2. No Trespassing.

All areas of the server which are marked by indications of habitation are considered the property of the builder. This includes houses, all areas within a fence or wall, and areas which are bounded by obvious markers such as one-block walls or three-block pillars. “I was just exploring!” is not a defense if you are caught wandering around in other people’s areas without permission. Unless CLEARLY marked otherwise, such as “Anyone welcome” or “Come on in,” every area is “No Trespassing.”

3. Restricted items.

Lighters are forbidden. Fire spread is disabled server-side, but sometimes the protections do not work as expected. If you use restricted items, you will likely be banned immediately, even if it does not cause damage due to server protection.

4. Client Side Code.

Client tools which allow the injection of items into the game are not tolerated. Client side code which changes the way the game works for your character, such as no-clipping, flight, healing, invulnerability, transparency textures or futuristic diamond radar type stuff, is not allowed. There is no “testing,” “playing,” or “seeing if it works.” The use of any of these tools will result in a permanent ban. We don’t do it. You don’t get to do it, either.

5. Chat Behavior.

Profanity is tolerated, abuse or harrassment of other players is not. If you talk about another user or their family, expect your stay to be short. Topics on the server are free-ranging, but be mindful of your audience and be aware of requests to stop. Do not spam the channel. Spammers are banned without warning, celebration or mourning. Keep caps use to a minimum. Global chat has a LOT of people in it most of the time, and you SAYING THINGS LIKE THIS is more likely to irritate others than to get your point across.

[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

6. Conflict Resolution.

Resolve your own conflicts. Do it quickly and with compassion for the other user. You do not want the staff to have to step in and resolve them for you. You do not want to rant and rail about how someone did something to you. If a user violates a rule, simply report this to staff, and we’ll handle it. Additional profanity or conflict on your part is not necessary.

7. PVP

PVP is not allowed except in defense of your life, in POSTED areas for PVP use, or during server events. In the absence of available staff, PVP may be used to defend your property from griefers or thieves. PVP may also occur between two users who have verbally discussed and agreed to fight. Be mindful of accidents, and be sure to return all items to any user who is killed during the course of PVP.

8. Staff.

w0w staff consists of a group of Administrators, and several teams of Moderators who report to those Administrators. The Mods are tasked with certain responsibilities, to generally assist other users and guests with questions and gameplay issues. Staff is exempted from many of these rules for reasons of practicality. Moderators do not promote builders, and do not make policy decisions. Administrators make policy and set rules, in addition to promoting builders and Mods. If you are told to do something, or not to do something, by a member of the staff, follow their instructions. Hordes of guests and a constant stream of new builders come through the server. Admins generally have families and jobs AND lives, and will not tolerate additional stress in a video game. If you mess with the staff, you will be banned. Begging staff to spawn items on the temporary maps is grounds for dismissal from your connection to our server. And any future connections.

9. I was Banned!?!?

If you have been banned from the server by a moderator, you may feel free to request a removal of the ban on the main server thread. Ensure that your removal request includes your username, what you were banned for doing, why it was wrong, and why you’ll never do it again. The admin staff will review your request and consider removal from the ban list. Consider, however, that the content of your forum post is also considered. If you rail and rant and scream about how some mod DARED to ban you, we will likely uphold that mod’s decision regardless of other mitigating circumstances. If you were banned by an Admin, feel free to make a personal plea to xeNium via the same forum. Alternatively you are free to ask another Admin as well. Good luck.

[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

General Regulations

  • Listen to the Admins, they know best.
  • No griefering.
  • No world grafitti or vandalism.
  • No destroying of the worlds landscape.
  • No use of hacked or modified clients.
  • Do not modify others work, if you wish to help, ask.
  • Do not build single towers or tunnels.
  • Do not flatten any areas.
  • Your creations must have a linking road.
  • Never build too high.
  • No racial disrimination or racist remarks.
  • No mindless spamming.
  • No innapropriate usernames.
  • No use of 1337 speak.
  • If you have any complaints,queries or would like to report misconduct post in the forums.
  • You must have a forum account to continue playing on the server.
  • No sharing account information.
  • Not allowed to ask for items from the GM's.
  • Random PvP is not allowed, like killing is only allowed if both parties agree.
  • Theft is highly discouraged but not disallowed. Please lock your chests. Note that if you steal from a chest or a furnace or a dispenser that is not protected, we will not do anything.
  • You must follow your town/villages laws.
  • Everyone is permitted to build the village but on one condition that has quite a lot of people in that village.
  • Mine allowed anywhere but if you live in a village and the village set up rules that only allowed mining in the mines that have been determined so obey the rules of that village.

All the best,
[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] owner

Got ideas, suggestions, criticisms about this forum and nord fx games in general? PM me!
First check the forum rules & siggy before it got scooped! [You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

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